An Advanced Water Solutions Reverse Osmosis System provides you with high-quality water for worry-free drinking and cooking. These state-of-art filters will improve the quality of water from wells or municipal water supplies. WITH THE EQUIVALENT OVER 10 CASES OF BOTTLED WATER AT YOUR FINGER TIPS EVERY DAY, YOU’LL USE YOUR HEALTHY DRINKING WATER FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING…

  • Your drinking water will taste as good as the best bottled water on the market right out of your tap.
  • Your ice cubes will be crystal clear. (The cloudiness in ice cubes is caused by the solids in your water)
  • Coffees, teas, and mixed drinks will taste better.
  • You can use great water for rinsing fruits and vegetables.
  • Your pets will even get so used to the water they may refuse to drink tap water again. It happens!


  1. Sediment prefilter to remove dirt, sand, and silt.
  2. Carbon Block filter to remove chlorine taste and odor.
  3. High-volume, semi-permeable membrane that rejects up to 98% of most dissolved solids in your water.
  4. Automatic shut-off control to balance production of filtered water with your needs.
  5. We offer affordable purchase and rent-to-own options that fit your budget!

How do I turn off the RO system if it is leaking?

  • There are two shut off valves. One is near the cold water line going up to your hot and cold kitchen faucet. It is on the line feeding the RO system. The second one is located on top of the metal tank. Turn both handles ¼ turn to shut off the water. You can only turn the handle one way. The handle will be perpendicular to the body of the valve when it is shut off. When the handle is parallel to the tubing, it’s open.

Why is there a dark tint to my water?

  • The first time you use your new reverse osmosis system or after the filters have been changed, the water may have a dark tint to it.  Do not worry this is normal.  The carbon filter is brand new and just needs to be flushed a little more. Open the reverse osmosis faucet and allow all the water to run out.  This will empty the tank and flush out the carbon filter.

My water is white or cloudy. How can I clear it up?

  • There are several reasons this may have occurred. Fill a glass of water and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Does the color disappear? If yes, then it is air bubbles in the line of the new system. Don’t worry; this will stop once all of the air is out of the lines.  Open your new reverse osmosis faucet and allow all the water to run out. This will empty the tank and should remove all the excess air from the system. If no, it is most likely caused by a coral calcium mineralizer.  Open your new reverse osmosis faucet and allow all the water to run out.  You may have to do this more than once to flush the excess from the mineralizer.

Why do I hear a clicking or hissing noise coming from my system? 

  • This noise is normal and is caused by the little black pump on the system. This pump makes your RO system more efficient by minimizing the amount of water going to the drain. The noise will stop once the tank is full of drinking water. It could take several hours.

Why is there no water coming from the RO faucet?

This can happen for many reasons.

  • The storage tank may be empty and simply needs time to refill.
  • After several hours the storage tank is not full, the system probably needs servicing.
  • The pre-filter may be clogged and needs replacing.
  • Leak detector may have been tripped and the water coming into the
  • RO has been turned off. Remove the sponge and put the lever down.
  • Check for leaks in two (2) hours and call us if the RO is leaking.

How often do I need to replace the filters in my system?

This depends on the feed water quality. The chart below is the average schedule.

Description Interval
5 Micron Sediment Pre-Filter 6-12 months
Carbon Block Pre-Filter 6-12 months
TFC Membrane 24-48 months or when expended
Inline Post-Carbon Filter 6-12 months
Ultra Violet Light 12 months
Coral Calcium Mineralizer Filter 6-12 months

To insure you are getting the same water quality as when your system was new, it requires periodic maintenance. The most important of which is the timely filter changes. Failure to change filters may reduce membrane life and water quality dramatically.

  • Did you know? Advanced Water Solutions, Inc. recommends changing your reverse osmosis filters every 12 months. Even if the system is not used on a regular basis.
  • Reason: It is not just the usage level that causes the need to be changed, but time the filters spend in the system. Leaving the filters in place can increase the possibility of bacteria growth on the filters.


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