Clean Water Organizations – Charity Water for People Who Need It

charity water

When we fill a glass of water from our kitchen sink, or hop into a bathtub filled with nice hot water, it’s easy to forget just how fortunate we are to have the simple luxury of clean water. Just having instant access and not worrying if it’s clean enough to drink or soak our bodies in is an amazing modern comfort.

It’s sad but true that there are far too many people around the world who struggle to have the simple pleasure of clean water access. Thankfully, this has become a global issue, with many clean water organizations helping these locations and their people get access to clean water. There are so many ways you can get involved and help get that charity water to those who need it!

This is a nonprofit group that was founded by actor Matt Damon and Gary White. It provides access to safe water and sanitation in developing countries.

How does it work? It cooperates with local partner organizations that go in and build wells. They also provide training on the importance of good hygiene practices and the link between cleanliness and better health.

This nonprofit also created WaterCredit. This is an initiative that helps connect microfinance institutions with communities in developing countries that can use their small loans to build themselves clean water mechanisms, from wells to toilets.

This clean water organization helps serve countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Columbia Water Center (CWC)

This clean water group is part of the Earth Institute at the Columbia Water Center. There they research and design sustainable models of water management.

How does it work? The scientists and researchers work in the fields of hydrology, public policy, agriculture, engineering, and finance to address issues of sustainable water use and its allocation. They then tailor their solutions to fit the needs of each region.

This clean water group helps serve Brazil, Mali, India, Ethiopia, and the USA.


This nonprofit group helps bring clean water to those people in need through both short- and long-term solutions.

How does it work? WATERisLIFE developed a water filtration product called The Straw. This product provides clean drinking water when it is immersed into a water source. It can last up to a year and removes waterborne diseases with each sip taken. Through their long-term plan, this nonprofit teaches sanitation and hygiene education as well as researches and helps implement sustainable long-lasting clean water solutions tailored to each community. These are monitored to ensure the longevity of the clean water sources they implement.

This clean water nonprofit serves areas of Haiti, Africa, India, Indonesia, South America, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Water for Good

This clean water organization works with communities in central Africa to help establish sanitation best practices, improve agriculture, and helps empower the people to create sustainable clean water access.

How does it work? Water for Good raises awareness about their efforts in the Central African Republic to empower underserved communities with clean water. Aside from donations to their own organization, they promote their other for-profit partners that donate a portion of their sales on World Water Day to the efforts in the Central African Republic as well.

This clean water non-profit focuses on Central Africa.

Hope of Life International

This is a faith-based organization that is dedicated to effectively serving the children and families in Guatemala.

How does it work? In an effort to celebrate World Water Day, this clean water organization launched a campaign to build five wells in five different villages. They also created a campaign page that outlines how their efforts and support of the community can prevent deaths that are caused by waterborne diseases like cholera and typhoid.

This organization serves the country of Guatemala.

Three Avocados

This is a social enterprise that generates funds for clean water in Africa through the sale of coffee.

How does it work? Three Avocados donates 100% of their profits to building water projects in Uganda. The source of their coffee is from Uganda's Mt. Elgon by collaboration with the small growing cooperatives in the area. This coffee is fairly traded and is also organically grown. It is, however, uncertified, and this non-profit explains that the cost of certification is beyond the operation's budget.

This clean water non-profit serves the countries of Uganda and Nicaragua.

No matter how you choose to get involved with clean water organizations, there is no wrong way to help. From a monetary donation to volunteer work to simply buying a bag of coffee, your small gesture to support charity water can help in a very big way!

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