‘Work Hard and Never Give Up’

Jay Hellenbrand, Advanced Water Inc, Ventura, California, water

By Donna Kreutz Jay Hellenbrand grew up in a family-owned water treatment business in Wisconsin founded by his parents. After graduating from high school, he knew he wanted to start his own company. “I really wanted to go for a master’s appliance license so I could go out on my own,” he said. But those plans were…

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What is a Salt Free Water Softener?

salt free water softener

There are many types of water softeners available, and they all claim to do the best job. While each kind of softener will perform its job, the type that you choose to use will depend on your situation. Not all water softeners will perform their best in every situation. It depends on the quality of…

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How to Buy the Best Water Softener System for You

best water softener

If you’ve noticed that your skin and hair are drier and duller than usual, or your dishes and laundry just don’t seem clean after a wash, you could have a hard water problem in your home. There are many DIY solutions out there that can help with some of your issues, but if you want a…

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