What Not to Put Down the Drain

down the drain

The average sink gets a wide variety of materials poured down it on a daily basis. While the boiling water from cooking pasta and the leftover sauce scrapped off your plates run through the garbage disposal just fine, there are many things that do not. It may seem fine to put anything down the drain,…

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Why You Shouldn’t Drink Ultra Pure Water

ultra pure water

The best glass of water is the one that’s crisp, cold, and clear. Nothing tastes better than a clean, cold glass of ice water to quench your thirst when you need it most. Everyone knows that you don’t want to just go fill up a cup of water directly from an un-filtered source (unless you…

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How to Fix Bad Tasting Ice

bad tasting ice

After you fill your glass with ice and pour yourself a cold drink, you may notice that it’s tainted with a bad taste. Often, that taste can come from your ice. Having ice come right from the front of your refrigerator into your glass is a wonderful modern-day convenience. But this convenience could become a…

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